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Female Light Blog

Welcome to the place of personal and spiritual growth!

These days, women run small businesses and even build empires. However, we continue to function in our unique feminine energy—in our ability to care and nurture


As a woman and a writer, I believe that whatever we do in life, we are most productive when we balance our energy. So, we can achieve more if we stop exhausting ourselves in a desperate attempt to achieve our endless goals. Instead, we must focus on enjoying the processes leading to new milestones.

This approach let me build a successful career and become a published author, and I enjoyed every stage of this incredible journey! Today, I'm sharing my experience with you, my beautiful readers.

It’s a free blog where I share my life stories based on the problems I had to overcome. Every post is filled with love and wisdom, so it will inspire you on your way to developing a success mindset, improving your relationships, and balancing the other spheres of your life.

How to read it?

Just choose the topic that interests you and dive in!

Sincerely yours,

Lubov Leonova

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