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Book Series

Magic Squad - Duo

The Academy _mockup_edited.png

The Academy: Detective Stories

(Book 1)

Elisa applies to the Academy to become a detective. To her own surprise, she is not the only woman studying here. Jackie and Elisa quickly become best friends and fall in love with each other.

Together, they dream of stopping the local gang that sells drugs to teenagers. However, they are surrounded by male guardians, which means that their mistakes might cost them a career.

Will they manage to catch a criminal boss without ruining their reputation?

Forbidden Manuscript_Book Mockup_edited.

Forbidden Manuscript: A Supernatural Mystery

(Book 2)

It's been three years since the events of The Academy. Four friends have matured, and each of them works on their chosen path: Jackie is a lawyer helping victims of domestic violence; Elisa and Urchin serve as the guardians in the capital; and Theo lives in Triville with his dragon Rei and solves the crimes happening in the suburbs of Lake Kingdom.

All of them do their best to catch the criminals; however, this time, they face a dangerous religious cult called Daughters of Divine. Its leader sacrifices a young woman when the full moon rises. 

Will four friends find a way to get together again to stop this cult?

Beginning - Trilogy

Reading You: A Memory Thief Mystery

(Book 1)

Front Cover _ Reading You - for IngramSp


in Fall 2024

Lana Morris has a rare ability to read minds. But in a world where female rights are limited, she can only dream of becoming a detective. Additionally, she is almost twenty, so her father becomes pushy about arranging her marriage.

Everything changes when a high school girl becomes a victim of sexual assault. The victim's memory of that night is erased, prompting Lana to make it her mission to find the criminal.


The investigation shows promise, especially after Lana meets Charles, a young and handsome detective. Charles joins Lana in resolving the crime case and soon captures her heart.

With Charles's assistance, Lana hopes to solve this mystery and prove her worth to her father, a Guardian Captain.


Will she succeed?

Mercy House: A Sacred Book Mystery

(Book 2)

Front Cover _Mercy House - for IngramSpa


in Spring 2025

After events in Triville, Lana relocates to the capital. She aims to become an architect, but her destiny has another plan for her.


One day, Lana witnesses a crime arranged by the dangerous gang. To save her life, she must accept the offer to become a Mercy Sister in a facility for girls who have a hard time taming their magic.


When Lana becomes a member of the sorority, she tries to help the girls take control of their power. However, she soon discovers that everything she knew about the Mercy House was a lie. 


Will Lana find a way to rescue the victims of Mercy House?

Front Cover_Ghost - for IngramSpark_edit


in Spring 2025

(new edition)

Ghost: A Murder Mystery

(Book 3)

After 3 years of hiding, Lana returns to her hometown, Triville. This time, she must investigate the death of her best friend - the girl who died in suspicious circumstances after escaping Mercy House.


Lana starts working in a Guardian House, helping her father as a secretary. However, soon after her arrival, another school girl gets murdered, and this time, everyone suspects Ghost, a mystery serial killer who travels around the continent hunting young women.


Lana suspects that these cases are connected. But will she manage to find the truth?


"Imagine the world where magic is an integral part of life, natural as the air we breathe, sometimes a blessing, but sometimes a sinister touch to the endless flow of opportunities. 

Ghost: A Murder Mystery is a delicious blend of fantasy, young adult coming-of-age story, and a real crime investigation story."

- Eve Koguce,

the author of Neglected Merge trilogy.

"There wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t pulled in. There were twists and turns throughout that constantly kept me on my toes. As I was reading through, I was guessing and suspecting.

Sometimes I was sad or happy. At one point, I was honestly on the edge of my seat, wanting the information to come quicker because I just had to know."

- Katie Kirman

"I really enjoyed reading this book. An easy and interesting read, just what I needed to get my mind off things.

Likable characters, interesting plot twists. But most of all I liked the world the author built - their magic is beautiful and I loved the idea of having unique gifts that manifest when they’re in their teens."

- Elena Carter,

the author of Follow the Hummingbird trilogy.

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