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The Best Christmas Gift

People give each other different presents to show they value each other. But what the best present is... Well, read the spell to figure it out!

I will make you a cup of coffee,

So you could awake from your dream.

Together, we’ll meet snowy morning

And sit by the Christmas tree.

There, I will find your present

The box will be perfectly wrapped.

My heart will be pounding somewhere,

Guessing what you’ve prepared.

The presents will be unwrapped,

I will open the box.

I’ll raise my eyes. “It is empty.”

You’ll give me a smile. “It is not.”

I'll narrow my eyes. “Are you kidding?”

“You know, this year was tough.

I decided we should be grateful

For the things we already have -

For the love that we share together,

For our health, and for the life we live.

Nothing will last forever…

Let’s be happy as long as we breathe.”

I’ll kiss you and hug you tightly,

Then I’ll say, “This is all that I want.”

Then you will open your present.

“It is empty.”

I’ll smile. “It is not.”

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