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Becoming Yours

This spell is for getting the strength to go through all the stages of relationship with your second half.

You started as a lovely poem

With many exclamation marks.

I loved to read you in the mornings

And in the darkest stormy nights...

I read you slowly, turning pages;

I learned to read between the lines.

Until the day when our stories

Became too deeply intertwined...

This story's plot got way too twisted -

Too many words and question marks.

We lost ourselves in bizarre writing…

Was it a suspense or romance?

I tried to close this book of nonsense,

But couldn't get the damn dot.

The comma popped up in the middle,

Until the chapter was re-wrote...

I dropped my pen, then you took over.

We learned to edit by forgiveness…

And here we are, creating stories

And finishing them with ellipsis.

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