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Starting Fresh

New Year is the time to start a new chapter of your life. This poem will help you set the right mood!

Once, in the frosty morning,

When it just starts to snow,

I’ll open my window widely,

And I will watch how it falls.

Like a veil, snow will hide my eyes,

And the grief that darkened my life.

It will cover and smooth the wrinkles

That was left from the harsh goodbyes.

The snowflakes will land on my skin,

And melt on my burning cheeks.

I might never have you near…

But I learned how to forgive.

I’ll breathe in this crispy air,

And I’ll wipe my face from the snow.

Then, I will close this window.

And I will let you go.

~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~

P.S. Thank you for reading!

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Sincerely yours,

Lubov Leonova

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