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Is our world really doomed?

How to start making a positive impact that makes sense

Each time I scroll through the news, I can't avert my eyes from all the devastations caused by climate change, political unrest, and social injustices. Even if I turn off my computer and leave my phone alone, there are still too many people around who seemingly enjoy discussing all the "horrors" that await humanity in the near future.

Yes, I know that all the tragic events happening to our planet are extremely important issues. They must be resolved quickly enough to restore balance. That's why people need to spread awareness about them - not neglect these issues.

However, when we are drowning in the endless flow of nerve-wracking information, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Often, instead of becoming motivated to make a positive change, we feel hopeless. The problem is that hope is the crucial thing we need right now.

We need hope. We need it not to give up and to have the energy to make a positive difference.

So, how can we restore our hope?

Step 1. We can start by balancing our awareness.

It is crucial to educate ourselves about the problems happening in the world, but it is equally important to keep track of positive news. In addition to watching gloomy news, explore channels belonging to environmental and human rights activists. Seek out celebrities or local individuals who actively support these values.

This approach will allow you to become aware of new projects and small victories occurring in the areas of your concern. These victories can help you stay enthusiastic and hopeful.

Step 2. The next step is to start taking action.

While the impact humanity makes may be significant, the key is to encourage each other to improve our habits by setting an inspirational example.

There are small steps that each of us can take to begin making a positive impact. This can be as simple as reducing our carbon footprint by using public transportation, biking, or walking instead of driving.

We can also make more sustainable choices in our daily lives, such as reducing our use of single-use plastics, recycling, and supporting companies that prioritize environmental sustainability.

Step 3. Another way to make a positive impact is to get involved in communities.

This can involve volunteering with local organizations that are working towards positive change, attending town hall meetings, or participating in protests and rallies. By coming together with like-minded individuals, we can amplify our voices and make a more significant impact than we could on our own.

Making an impact doesn't have to be limited to environmental issues. Social injustices, such as racism, sexism, and poverty, are also pressing concerns that require our attention.

So, by balancing our awareness, taking action in our own lives, and getting involved in our communities, we can start making a positive impact that can last for a very long time.

Remember – it may not be easy, and it may not happen overnight, but every small step we take towards positive change brings us one step closer to a better world for future generations. So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Sincerely yours,

          Lubov Leonova

~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~

P.S. If you feel inspired about making a positive difference, please check out these amazing communities of people who do excellent work in building a greener and better future for us:

  1. Imagine5 - - A magazine that features positive news and inspires people to live planet-friendly lives. It also spreads awareness by providing free educational materials about the environment.

  2. 4 Ocean - - A global movement that removes plastic and trash from the oceans, rivers, and coastlines. They have groups of volunteers who work worldwide.

  3. OnlyOne - - This non-profit organization's mission is to restore ocean health and tackle the climate crisis in this generation.

  4. Waste Free Planet - - This organization empowers people to make sustainable choices.

  5. Alex4Planet - - The best eco blogger according to Nat Geo. He plants trees and cleans rivers worldwide, sharing stories about his journey and inspiring more people to be eco-friendly.

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