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3 things that will make you succeed in life

Start doing them now!

I guess we all wonder what makes successful people the way they are. Some explain it as “luck,” some as “hard work.” Also, we can’t underestimate the power of talent and social networks. But what is it, really?

When I just started my journey as a fiction writer, I conducted my research. But what really shaped me was my experience. I simply kept working, exploring the mysterious world of the publishing business, doing my best to handle stress, and staying focused on my mission.

Eventually, I came to three must-have skills that I seem to share with all the people who have ever achieved anything in life.

Here they are:

1. Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, setbacks, and challenges. It’s about facing difficult situations head-on, learning from them, and emerging stronger than before. 

Developing resilience didn’t come easy to me. Firstly, I had to develop the ability to rise above my ego and stop punching myself for making silly mistakes or blaming others. I had to understand that everything I did wrong was also essential for learning about my writing path, so I embraced it as a journey I had to explore.

Adapting this mindset is essential for success because it allows you to adapt to change, overcome obstacles, and keep moving forward despite setbacks. When you become resilient, you will develop a positive mindset and will be able to see setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.

So, don’t let failures define you. Instead, use them as stepping stones towards your goals. Use your failures to develop emotional strength, mental toughness, and the ability to cope with stress effectively.

To cultivate resilience, practice self-care, maintain a support system of friends and family, and cultivate a growth mindset. By developing resilience, you’ll be better equipped to handle life’s challenges and setbacks and ultimately achieve success in all areas of your life.

2. Persistence

Persistence is the unwavering determination to continue pursuing your goals, even in the face of obstacles, setbacks, and failures. It is the ability to keep going, no matter how difficult the journey may be, and to never give up on your dreams. 

When I had just published my first book, I often felt discouraged because I had multiple ups and downs. Well, mostly it was downs. No wonder – I was a new author, and nobody knew who the hell I was. After half a year of fruitless attempts to increase my book sales, I had two choices: to give up or stop focusing on my debut project and simply keep writing and publishing my stories. Now, guess what I chose 🙂

Persistence is a key trait of successful individuals because it allows them to stay focused, motivated, and committed to achieving their goals. To become successful, understand that achieving your dreams takes time, effort, and perseverance. Put in the hard work and dedication required to overcome challenges and setbacks along the way. Remember – persistence is what separates those who achieve their goals from those who give up when faced with difficulties.

To cultivate persistence, it’s important to set clear goals, create a plan of action, and stay focused on your vision. It’s also crucial to stay motivated, stay positive, and surround yourself with supportive people who believe in your dreams. By developing a mindset of persistence, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles that come your way and ultimately achieve success in life. 

3. Focus

Focus is the ability to concentrate on your goals, priorities, and tasks without being distracted by external influences. It is about staying committed to your objectives and staying on track despite the various distractions and challenges that may come your way. Developing a strong sense of focus is crucial for success because it allows you to channel your energy and efforts toward achieving your goals efficiently and effectively.

When I work on my fiction manuscripts, blogging, or design, I don’t wait for a muse to visit me and bless my project. I simply schedule time, sit, and start working. When I get deeper into work, I let the creative flow carry me away. I often had days when it was hard to begin working, but once I was there, it was hard to stop!

So, please understand the importance of focus in achieving your dreams. Prioritize your tasks, manage your time effectively, and eliminate distractions that may hinder your progress. By staying focused on your goals, you will make steady progress and stay motivated throughout your journey.

To cultivate focus, it’s important to set clear goals, create a plan of action, and break down your tasks into manageable steps. It’s also essential to eliminate distractions, prioritize your time, and stay organized. By developing a strong sense of focus, you’ll be able to stay on track, make progress toward your goals, and ultimately achieve success in all areas of your life.

P.S. Remember, success is not just about reaching your goals but also about the journey and the person you become along the way. Keep pushing forward and never stop believing in yourself!

Sincerely yours,

          Lubov Leonova

~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~ ☆ ~ • ~

P.S. Thank you for reading!

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